Smart Spies – Creating the Perfect Disguise

Many people think that creating the perfect disguise is just about dressing up. There are other things that also need to be taken into consideration as pulling off a disguise can be the difference between life and death. A spy needs to be aware of both their surroundings and their abilities before deciding what to wear. No matter how good a disguise is, it will work if it is appropriate for the place that it is being worn in. For example a clown costume would be perfect for a children’s party, but would stand out like a sore thumb at a football match.

The next thing to remember is that everybody has a unique way of carrying themselves, walking and talking. When in disguise you will need to change your signature characteristics, to match those of the persona you are taking on. Think of yourself as an actor and ‘become’ your character whenever you are in disguise. If you are dressing up as a French gentleman, an English accent will be a dead giveaway. So make sure to plan all aspects of changing yourself before you even acquire the costume, and props, needed for your disguise.

shutterstock_511272451Now comes the best part, getting into character so well that not even the people closest to you will know who you are. Some easy-to-do, and very effective, ideas that will help you accomplish this are:

Becoming Older

This disguise is a very popular one among spies as it is perfect whenever a quick change is needed.

  • Start by making your hair appear grey by rubbing some talcum from roots to end. The darker your hair is the more talcum you will need to create a realistic view.
  • Squint your eyes slightly and use a light brown eyebrow pencil to emphasize the lines that appear beside them when you do. Also do this with your smile lines and frown marks on your forehead. Ensure that you use the pencil lightly to avoid being too obvious.
  • Sticking a lift in one shoe will also change your gait and slightly stooped curved shoulders can add several years to a person.

Voila! A young man enters the bathroom and his grandfather walks out.

shutterstock_524715052Gain Some Weight – Instantly

Have you ever not seen somebody for a long time, and don’t recognise them when you do because they appear fatter?

  • Padding your clothes with small cushions, or broadening your shoulders with a towel wrapped around them, is a great way to change your appearance.
  • Be sure to change clothes, add a fake beard, dark glasses and a baseball cap.

Now go and stand beside a close friend, or family member and see whether or not they know who you are.

No matter how good you already are, continue to practise your new walk, talk and appearance to ensure that you get the best effect.

Happy Spying!


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