DIY – Essential Gadgets for the Modern Spy

Most spies are taught to make their own gadgets before being sent out into the field. This might be the difference between catching a target and becoming one. Many of them can be   quick and easy to make, and others are more complicated and require tons of practice. One of the key requirements of being a spy is persistence, however, so keep trying and have fun.

Peer with a Periscope

In many instances it might be necessary to see around a corner, and a periscope is the simplest gadget to use for this. Make one using: two one quart cardboard containers (with the tops cut off), two small mirrors, a pair of scissors and duct tape.

Step 1: Turning the containers over so that the bottoms face up, cut a rectangle in one side of each which spans the width of the container and is about two inches wide.

Step 2: On the inside of each container, directly opposite the rectangles, attach a mirror at a 45 degree angle using the duct table.

Step 3: With the cut out rectangles facing opposite directions, slide the open end of one carton over the other, and secure them with duct tape.

shutterstock_363049283Find a Fingerprint

When searching for an enemy it helps to be able to lift their fingerprints to see if you are on the right track. All that is needed to do this is black chalk, scotch tape, corn starch and a small makeup brush.

Step 1: Grind up the chalk.

Step 2: Mix equal parts chalk and corn starch together.

When this dust is poured onto a fingerprint, it adheres to the oils. Brush it off gently, revealing the print which can then be lifted using a piece of scotch tape.

Read in Reverse

Looking behind you can become very conspicuous if you have to turn around to do so. Like a periscope, a pair of rear view glasses helps a spy see around him without attracting undue attention. All that is needed to make one is a small round mirror, superglue and a pair of sunglasses. Adhere the mirror to the far right of the right lens, and adjust your gaze slightly. Everything behind you will c conspicuous ome into clear view.

shutterstock_91054922Slip in with a Skeleton

Want a key that opens practically any lock that it fits into? To make one you will need an old key, a metal file and a marker.

Step 1: Mark the four lowest points on the key with the marker.

Step 2: Using the metal file, grind each of these points down to the horizontal bar that separates the top from the bottom of the key.

Step 3: Grind the points between each groove to a triangle.

This ‘bump key’ should now look like it has a row of jagged teeth, and is ready to be used. This has to be done a specific way, however. Push it into the designated lock partially and then thrust it upwards. This motion pushes the locking pins into position. Turn the doorknob while bumping the lock and it will eventually open. This technique does require some practice, and please be sure not to break the key in any locks while you do so.

Happy Spying!


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