Superhumans – Metamorphoses That Take Humanity to a Higher Level

The New Savants are a group of young people who have enhanced abilities to use their mind, greater than an average Human Being. But, do such people truly exist. Here’s some fascinating research that might suggest that Superhumans are among us. As the internet expands, the knowledge about those with special abilities grows alongside it.… Read More

The Elizabeth Line – Expanding the London Underground

The secret world of the Savants is based in an abandoned Ghost station on the London Underground. So, it’s fascinating to see the progress of a new line being added to an ancient network of tunnels. It’s called The Elizabeth line and new stations, tracks and tunnels are being constructed right beneath the feet of… Read More

Whitby – Interesting Facts About a Small Town

Readers of my Lawrence Pinkley detective books will know that they are set in a small seaside town on the north east coast of England called Whitby. But what else is it famous for? Located in Northeast England, Whitby is one of the country’s most visited seacoast towns. It is also known as ‘The Halloween… Read More

Stone Circles – When Will the Ancient Mysteries Unfold?

Stone circles are mystical and mysterious – the perfect setting for a story. In The Moon Stealers and the Quest for the Silver Bough I use a stone circle as the location for an ancient portal that connects to another world. While archaeologists have been able to discover what many ancient structures were used for, there… Read More