Pensioners are revolting! When a surprising syndicate of old-aged pensioners begin flooding the market with fake banknotes there’s only one twelve-year-old who can stop them—SAM TROWEL, MI6’s newest recruit.


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“I’m Sam Trowel—twelve-year-old master of disguise, spy, and Sudoku genius. Oh yes, I also work for MI6. Well, when I say work, it’s more like a voluntary post, really. Cutbacks and overseas commitments mean that the government have no money left to spy on its own citizens. And that’s why the Special Patrol Youth (or SPY for short) was founded—a government initiative to give kids a purpose in society whilst also reducing crime. But as it’s so top secret, I’m not allowed to talk about my life. If I did, you’d have to undergo mind-altering experiments to make you forget, and they can be pretty nasty. I’ve heard what happens to others after they’ve been altered—they’re never the same again.”