“The whole way I was at the edge of your seat waiting for the next piece to fall into place and find out what happened next.”


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ms4-kindle-coverAn alien bacteria has landed on the planet, frozen within the core of a meteorite. But it has developed and grown. Now the Moon Stealers are relentlessly hunting the humans and removing them from the top of the food chain. In such adversity, the survivors adapt and find ways to live.

Sir Edgar and the children jump through the portal from the Underworld with an unexpected follower. Their task, as explained by Lady Flora, the mother of nature, is to reawaken the magic that flows within each plant and animal.

Meanwhile, Steven, Georgia, and Tracker are heading to the Isle of Wight intending to rescue a young girl called Annie, and prevent Coldred from creating a community of Slaves.

“The Moon Stealers is a genius story full of adventure! I hadn’t even gotten through the first chapter before I knew there was no way I was putting the book down until I finished it.”

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