“This book is truly amazing and made me realise that there is a place where we all belong. The style of writing made me feel as though I was there; like I was part of the Institution, too. I will definitely recommend this book to everyone I know. I really hope that there will be another few books following this one. Thank you so much for sharing Louis’s adventure with us!”


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In London lies an underground ghost station—empty and unused. Trains don’t stop there any more, but if you look closely on the tunnel walls, you might just spot a grime covered sign for Brompton Road Station. Tucked away from the hustle of London streets, the station holds a secret—a government training facility for those select few who are… unusual. After eighteen years, the Wickes, Wakefield and Lynch Institute for the Gifted has started recruiting once again!

From an early age Louis Edwards realized that society couldn’t accept what it was unable to explain. And no one could explain what Louis was able to do. Forced to repress his gift and hide it from others, Louis successfully manages to lead an introverted life until the day he finds an unusual metal puzzle. The key to a training facility for people just like him.

“If you’re looking for the adventure of Harry Potter, the suspense of James Bond and the diversity and character of the X-men, then this is the book for you” – Amazon Reviewer

“The well-constructed speech and story line keep you hooked throughout, the characters are well developed and are almost relatable on a personal level. And if you like to be able to literally see the story coming alive in your mind this is the book for you!” – Amazon Reviewer
“Not since The Harry Potter or Divergent series have I found a book that draws me completely into its world. I am a few years older than the age group that this book is intended for yet I am hooked.” – Amazon Reviewer
“Full of believable, and entirely relatable characters, and a gripping storyline to boot” – Amazon Reviewer

5 thoughts on “The New Savants: Surge of the Red Plague

    1. Hi Penny, thanks for your message. I’m glad you enjoyed the first book in the New Savants series. I’ve written about half of the second one. Unfortunately I’ve not had enough time to dedicate to my writing this year – life and family commitments have absorbed more of my time than normal, but things are slowly getting back to normal so my writing schedule will begin to get back on track. Thanks again for your support – it truly makes it worthwhile. Tim

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