Bad Bacteria – Microscopic Organisms that can be Harmful to our Health

In The Moon Stealer books the threat to the human race comes in the form of a foreign bacteria – but how much of a genuine threat is bacteria to human health? Bacteria are one of the most prevalent species on the planet, and scientists believe that there are about a trillion species. Fortunately, most… Read More

A Human’s Guide to Surviving an Alien Invasion: #1 Survival Without Clean Drinking Water

When faced with the threat of alien invasion, whether in the form of little green men or acidic bacteria, it is the duty and responsibility of every man and woman to do their bit to keep the Human race alive. Your species depends on you! This set of guidelines has been collated by the British… Read More

A Crash from Space – Meteorites that Land on Earth

What would happen if a meteorite landed on Earth that contained alien bacteria? That’s the starting point for my Moon Stealer series. Todays blog post is all about Meteorites. Most of the particles that enter the Earth’s atmosphere are sections of comets or asteroids that have broken off, and survived the journey through space. Approximately 90%… Read More

Bacterial Evidence of Life on Mars – Meteorite AH 84001

Space is fascinating. Is there life on other planets? In The Moon Stealers series the whole story is based on the possibility of bacteria from another planet arriving within the core of a meteor and growing to become the dominant species on Earth. But how far fetched is this? Well, it’s not impossible… Mars is… Read More