The King, The Lady and The Sword – How Arthur Received Excalibur

The Arthurian Legend’s are very interesting, so this weeks post is all about the origins and history of the most famous of swords – Excalibur. Described as being clad in shimmering white robes made from the purest samite, The Lady of the Lake appears in several of the stories that are told about the reign… Read More

Avalon – King Arthur’s Final Destination

If you’ve read my Moon Stealer books you will know that I propose a location for Avalon from the King Arthur legends. But there are lots of possible theories about where the final resting place of King Arthur could be. Here are some of them… In the legends of King Arthur it is stated that after he… Read More

Avalon – The Mysterious Island of Apples?

Avalon features in Geoffrey of Monmouth’s History of the Kings of Britain. It is the legendary island where the sword Excalibur is forged as well as the place where Arthur is taken to recover from the wounds he sustained following his battle at Camlann. Many traditions claim that Arthur did not in fact die from… Read More

Where’s King Arthur when you need him?

From the 12th Century onwards, there was a popular belief that King Arthur would return in Britans greatest need. In ‘De Miraculis Sanctae Mariae Laudensis,’ the French cleric Herman mentioned that Arthur still lived, as did William of Malmesbury, in ‘Gesta Regnum Anglorum’ (Chronicles of the Kings of England), after stating that the tomb of… Read More