Bad Bacteria – Microscopic Organisms that can be Harmful to our Health

In The Moon Stealer books the threat to the human race comes in the form of a foreign bacteria – but how much of a genuine threat is bacteria to human health? Bacteria are one of the most prevalent species on the planet, and scientists believe that there are about a trillion species. Fortunately, most… Read More

Bacterial Evidence of Life on Mars – Meteorite AH 84001

Space is fascinating. Is there life on other planets? In The Moon Stealers series the whole story is based on the possibility of bacteria from another planet arriving within the core of a meteor and growing to become the dominant species on Earth. But how far fetched is this? Well, it’s not impossible… Mars is… Read More

Nitrogen Breathing Animals – Single-Celled Animals that will Survive at all Costs

As a writer I try and provide some sort of possible reasoning behind my stories – I feel it makes them more realistic and plausible and the “what if” factor is a great thing to leave with a reader long after they’e finished the book. So that the bacteria that arrive inside the meteor in… Read More