Avalon – King Arthur’s Final Destination

If you’ve read my Moon Stealer books you will know that I propose a location for Avalon from the King Arthur legends. But there are lots of possible theories about where the final resting place of King Arthur could be. Here are some of them… In the legends of King Arthur it is stated that after he… Read More

King Arthur – ‘The King that was and the King that Shall Be’

King Arthur is the subject of many legends and stories that have survived throughout the ages. The king became an influential leader during his reign in the 5th century, gaining the title ‘The One True King of the Britons.’ This was because the kingdom he left behind believed that he would return to defend the… Read More

Camelot – Possible Locations of the Legendary Court

There is still a debate among scholars about whether or not King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table really existed. The legends portray him as a great warrior and respected king leading Britain in the defence against Saxon invaders in the 5th or 6th century. The stories claimed that he kept court at… Read More

Sir Edgar Gorlois

The main guardian type character in The Moon Stealers that guides the children to find The Silver Bough is Sir Edgar Gorlois. A gentle knight from King Arthurs time who was chosen as one of the ‘League of White Knights’ that Merlin performed the Immortalitus spell on that prevented them from getting older. They could… Read More