The White Arrow Assassin – FREE Christmas Gift for you!

I know you’re all super busy getting everything ready for Christmas so just a  very quick post to tell you that The White Arrow Assassin is FREE to download on Kindle at the moment. My gift to you! Enjoy! Have a great Christmas, Tim.

Smart Spies – Creating the Perfect Disguise

Many people think that creating the perfect disguise is just about dressing up. There are other things that also need to be taken into consideration as pulling off a disguise can be the difference between life and death. A spy needs to be aware of both their surroundings and their abilities before deciding what to… Read More

Do you want FREE books?

I know what you’re thinking – he must be mad to be giving his books away, but I genuinely want to give you the opportunity to download some of my stories. Not only will you get two books to read, you will also have the opportunity to become one of my exclusive Priority Readers. I’ve… Read More

10 Books To Share With Your Children

  As an adult we can look back and remember fondly the books we read as a child. Whilst creating the two children’s book lists earlier this month (18 Modern Children’s Books Every Adult Should Read, and 12 Classic Children’s Books Every Adult Should Read Before They Die) I also began thinking about what books… Read More