The Comedy Detective – A Hilarious Side to Solving A Mystery

In addition to solving cases, detectives are required to treat colleagues with respect and victims with empathy. This leads us to believe that they are always witty, competent, assertive and even dangerous when it becomes necessary. This may be the reason why the inept, incompetent, often accident prone comedy detective is such a revered character.… Read More

Agatha Christie – An Author’s Mysterious Disappearance

I enjoyed reading the crime books by Agatha Christie as a child, and there are elements of them in my Lawrence Pinkley humorous detective series. But, one of the most intriguing things about Agatha Christie was her own unusual disappearance. Enjoy! Ironic situations are one of the most gripping parts of any detective story. One… Read More

12 Rules to be a Fictional Detective

I have some new Lawrence Pinkley mysteries coming out next year, so I thought I’d take a quick look at some of the rules for writing a fictional detective. 1. The detective must always be memorable. Whether he (or she) is funny, misguided, inept or super intelligent, these traits have to endear the detective to… Read More

The Ghost of Farringdon Station

As one of the oldest and busiest tube systems in the world, the London Underground has become a haven for ghost hunters with hundreds of years of history and many, many deaths. In fact, London’s Underground is not just the oldest underground in the world—it’s the world’s most haunted underground. Have you ever visited Farringdon… Read More