The Halloween Bandits – FREE today!

Lawrence Pinkley in The Halloween Bandits is FREE to download today. But hurry – it ends at midnight tonight. “Pinkley pursues a masked gang who repeatedly target shops in Whitby. Can he succeed where the local police force have failed?” Also contains FREE activities and puzzles. Successfully complete them to graduate from the Pinkley Academy.… Read More

The White Arrow Assassin – FREE Christmas Gift for you!

I know you’re all super busy getting everything ready for Christmas so just a  very quick post to tell you that The White Arrow Assassin is FREE to download on Kindle at the moment. My gift to you! Enjoy! Have a great Christmas, Tim.

Royal Mail Underground Railway – A Forgotten System

Every day there are millions of letters and parcels delivered by Royal Mail. Their system is very efficient and there are few complaints and mishaps, in proportion to the amount of mail that has to be delivered. Over the years, the Royal Mail system has found different ways to transport the post. One of the… Read More

The London Underground – Animal Life in the Deepest, Darkest Depths of the City

Most people that live in, or visit, London end up on the tube at some point or another. This is the most convenient way to get to any destination in the city, providing you actually manage to figure out a route to where you are going, using the awfully confusing underground map. We are not… Read More