Jana Petken reveals her secrets

Jana Petken is Scottish but has lived in Spain for many years and grew up under the dictatorship of General Franco. When she is not writing, she spends her spare time translating for a charity that helps British patients at the local hospital. Being ex-military, she takes great interest in studying historical conflicts and the… Read More

Interview with Cliff Roberts

Cliff Roberts I am an author of four novels all four of which have been ranked #1 at one time. Actually all four have been ranked#1 at least twice. Next book : Reprisal! The Eagle’s Sorrow — The world is shaken to its foundations by a terror attack, so huge and destructive that it disrupts the… Read More

“When It’s Hot” and Making You Hot: An Interview with Erotic Author Emma Lauren

by nickwale Emma Lauren is the author, and “When It’s Love: An Illicit Contemporary Romance” is the book. Readers across the world are currently enjoying this hot read, and I am proud to announce that the new Emma Lauren book tour starts on this site. Have you ever wondered about the possibility of a warm, erotic… Read More

Boyd Lemon Squeezes Emotional Juices Into A Fiction Book

Boyd Lemon is an author you may or may not have heard of. Boyd has written several bestsellers and his latest one is called “A Long Way To Contentment.” Lemon has also just broken a record– he is the first author to give away a current bestseller for $0.99 simply because he wants people to read and enjoy his books. For writers like Boyd Lemon it is more important for people to enjoy and read than it is for him to make money. Enjoy this interview with a man who has some great ideas… Read More