The Comedy Detective – A Hilarious Side to Solving A Mystery

In addition to solving cases, detectives are required to treat colleagues with respect and victims with empathy. This leads us to believe that they are always witty, competent, assertive and even dangerous when it becomes necessary. This may be the reason why the inept, incompetent, often accident prone comedy detective is such a revered character.… Read More

Frank Drebin – Comedy Quotes

The antics of Lawrence Pinkley, my teenage detective, are loosely based on Frank Drebin, a character I loved watching in the “Police Squad!” series on TV in the early 80’s. The fictional character, Lt. Franklin ‘Frank’ Drebin, is played by Leslie Nielsen. He appears in the TV series Police Squad! and the Naked Gun movies.… Read More

Inspector Clouseau, Frank Drebin? Here’s Lawrence Pinkley…

As I’m sure a lot of regular followers of my blog are aware, I have worked closely with a very talented illustrator on a series of humorous crime books featuring a reluctant and hapless teenage detective called Lawrence Pinkley. This year I have written two new books to add to the Pinkley collection. The first will… Read More