Knights of the Round Table – Loyalty and Valour

Last week I wrote an article on two of King Arthur’s knights and I thought it would be interesting to look at some more. If you’ve read The Moon Stealer books you’ll know there’s an Arthurian element in them, inspired by the tales of the Knights of the Round Table. Sir Galahad’s earthly mission ended after… Read More

Knights of the Round Table – Honour and Chivalry

King Arthur created an environment in which his closest knights were treated as his equals, and this is the reason they sat at a round table. During Arthur’s reign, high moral values were very important and (to become part of his inner circle) knights had to take a vow known as the Code of Chivalry.… Read More

King Arthur – ‘The King that was and the King that Shall Be’

King Arthur is the subject of many legends and stories that have survived throughout the ages. The king became an influential leader during his reign in the 5th century, gaining the title ‘The One True King of the Britons.’ This was because the kingdom he left behind believed that he would return to defend the… Read More