Andrea Baker – Fantasy writing that is ‘Worlds apart’

Andrea Baker was born and raised in the beautiful English county of Warwickshire, where she lived with her parents and older sister. She left home to study at the University of Wales, Aberystwyth, from where she graduated with a Bachelor of Science, with honours, in 1992. She now works as an independent management consultant, and… Read More

Newman Blows the Whistle on Writing

M. L. Newman is an independent writer who lives in rural Connecticut. Many of her stories come from dreams that she has had while others have been inspired from music or real life experiences. The characters are deep and intellectual—whether they are book smart or street savvy—and it’s easy to fall in love with all of them.  She couldn’t… Read More

Merchandise and Branding

As an author, why would you use merchandise or swag? Merchandise are incentives that can serve to put your book or name in front of potential readers as well as keeping it in the mind of existing readers. But there are many other functions merchandise can have, including: Incentives at a launch party Added bonus for… Read More