The King, The Lady and The Sword – How Arthur Received Excalibur

The Arthurian Legend’s are very interesting, so this weeks post is all about the origins and history of the most famous of swords – Excalibur. Described as being clad in shimmering white robes made from the purest samite, The Lady of the Lake appears in several of the stories that are told about the reign… Read More

Knights of the Round Table – Loyalty and Valour

Last week I wrote an article on two of King Arthur’s knights and I thought it would be interesting to look at some more. If you’ve read The Moon Stealer books you’ll know there’s an Arthurian element in them, inspired by the tales of the Knights of the Round Table. Sir Galahad’s earthly mission ended after… Read More

Knights of the Round Table – Honour and Chivalry

King Arthur created an environment in which his closest knights were treated as his equals, and this is the reason they sat at a round table. During Arthur’s reign, high moral values were very important and (to become part of his inner circle) knights had to take a vow known as the Code of Chivalry.… Read More

Avalon – The Mysterious Island of Apples?

Avalon features in Geoffrey of Monmouth’s History of the Kings of Britain. It is the legendary island where the sword Excalibur is forged as well as the place where Arthur is taken to recover from the wounds he sustained following his battle at Camlann. Many traditions claim that Arthur did not in fact die from… Read More