3 Essential (but basic) Facebook Page Changes Every Author Should Make

Don’t just have a Facebook Profile – get a Facebook Page as well! A Facebook Author page is essential if you want to increase awareness of your writing, keep your fans informed and engaged, connect with other authors and acquire new readers. However, it’s surprising how many Facebook pages are very plain and very normal!… Read More

How Do You Get Noticed In Social Media?

Following on from the article I wrote at the weekend about whether or not Social Media has become too big to be effective, I thought I would follow up with another article along a similar line. The response I’ve had about my article has been very positive. It seems there are many others having the… Read More

Has Social Media become too BIG to be effective?

I’m a relative newcomer to the wonderful world of social media and had resisted the trend to join until I released my first book through Amazon. At that point everyone said that I must join Facebook and get a blog, and, being a good boy, I did as I was told – after all, I’m… Read More