Bletchley Park – WWII and Beyond

Following on from last weeks blog post about the British Spy School at Bletchey Park, I thought it would be interested to look at its influence during the war and beyond. The team at Bletchley Park was responsible for breaking codes which were being sent out from several countries during its operation, including: Germany Even… Read More

Bletchley Park – The Centre of WWII Codebreaking

There’s something incredibly exciting about entering the real life world of spies. The British “Spy School” during the second world war was at Bletchley Park – responsible for breaking the Enigma Code and sparking the development of the modern computer. I would love to have been part of the code breaking team back then, as… Read More

War Pigeons – The First Flying Heroes

Following on from my post last week about animals who have been used as spys, I thought it would be interesting to write about war pigeons – something I discovered on a visit to Bletchley Park (where the Enigma machine was decoded) last year. Pigeons have been used for centuries, during wars, to carry messages.… Read More

Non-Human Spies – Animals used in Espionage

Spys come in all shapes and sizes (and not just unsuspecting teenagers – Sam Trowel!) Here’s an amusing look at some of the brave animals that have been used in the name of espionage. The training of animals to be used in military intelligence dates as far back as ancient Greece. This continues in modern… Read More