Get These Three books for $0.99 !

The end of the summer is approaching, so here’s something that might cheer you up. The New Savants: Surge of the Red Plague. My brand new book is getting a lot of attention from readers and publishers. So, I thought it would be nice to let you grab a kindle copy for just 99c. But,… Read More

Sci Fi Fantasy Event – This Weekend!

In case you hadn’t heard, this weekend I will be hosting the Sci Fi Fantasy Kindle Event on my website, where 36 authors in this genre have agreed to drop the price of their ebooks to just 99c / 75p! Come and have a look and see what is on offer. There is a variety… Read More

Sci-Fi / Fantasy Kindle Promotional Event

SORRY – NO MORE PARTICIPANTS NEEDED FOR THIS EVENT. I am organizing a Group Promotional two day event for authors to cross promote their books to fans and readers of other sci-fi and fantasy authors. This is a great way for readers to find new and exciting authors like you, in the genre they already… Read More