Bletchley Park – WWII and Beyond

Following on from last weeks blog post about the British Spy School at Bletchey Park, I thought it would be interested to look at its influence during the war and beyond. The team at Bletchley Park was responsible for breaking codes which were being sent out from several countries during its operation, including: Germany Even… Read More

Bletchley Park – The Centre of WWII Codebreaking

There’s something incredibly exciting about entering the real life world of spies. The British “Spy School” during the second world war was at Bletchley Park – responsible for breaking the Enigma Code and sparking the development of the modern computer. I would love to have been part of the code breaking team back then, as… Read More

London : The Underground Beast

There have always been rumours that the vast empty network of tunnels that form the London Underground are home to many strange secrets. Ghosts, unique species of mosquito, ghost stations and even a strange creature. A strange creature?

London : What Lies Beneath Our Feet?

Have you ever wondered what lies beneath the city of London? Many people are unaware of the multitude of tunnels, government bunkers, crypts, burial grounds and shelters hidden away under the tarmac and cobbles of one of the most vibrant cities of the world.