Non-Human Spies – Animals used in Espionage

Spys come in all shapes and sizes (and not just unsuspecting teenagers – Sam Trowel!) Here’s an amusing look at some of the brave animals that have been used in the name of espionage. The training of animals to be used in military intelligence dates as far back as ancient Greece. This continues in modern… Read More

Smart Spies – Creating the Perfect Disguise

Many people think that creating the perfect disguise is just about dressing up. There are other things that also need to be taken into consideration as pulling off a disguise can be the difference between life and death. A spy needs to be aware of both their surroundings and their abilities before deciding what to… Read More

Invisible Ink – Hide a Message in Plain View

When I was a child I remember making invisible ink and writing codes on paper that no one else would be able to read. If you want to be a secret agent or spy then this is an essential skill you need to learn to be able to pass on secret messages! Enjoy… Mystery, magic and secrets… Read More

Make your Own Codes – The Art of Cryptography

My latest book, The Plotting Shed, follows a twelve-year-old spy. Last week I wrote about codes, but how do you make a code? Here are some simple guidelines. Have fun! Throughout many generations, kids have made codes as a hobby. The messages composed from these have been kept secret, even if they have been intercepted… Read More