Superhumans – Metamorphoses That Take Humanity to a Higher Level

The New Savants are a group of young people who have enhanced abilities to use their mind, greater than an average Human Being. But, do such people truly exist. Here’s some fascinating research that might suggest that Superhumans are among us. As the internet expands, the knowledge about those with special abilities grows alongside it.… Read More

Psychokinesis – Motion from the Mind

If you’ve read my New Savants book you’ll know that one of the characters has the ability to move objects through the power of thought. Is it pure fantasy, or could it be possible? I hope so! Throughout history there has been a large amount recorded and researched about those that have special abilities. A… Read More

Eidetic Minds – Recollection in Amazing Detail

A photographic memory has been coveted by many a scholar and student, since its concept has been recognised. Having the ability to recall everything that we looked at, exactly as we saw it, for an extended period of time could be extremely beneficial in many circumstances. Disappointingly, however, a photographic memory has never been proven… Read More

2 New Books, a Giveaway, and Bestseller Listing

Well, today is an interesting day. I have two books released, a giveaway and great news on an old series. New Book 1: The New Savants: Surge of the Red Plague. The first in a brand new series of books for young adults. “In London lies an underground ghost station—empty and unused. Trains don’t stop… Read More