Make your Own Codes – The Art of Cryptography

My latest book, The Plotting Shed, follows a twelve-year-old spy. Last week I wrote about codes, but how do you make a code? Here are some simple guidelines. Have fun! Throughout many generations, kids have made codes as a hobby. The messages composed from these have been kept secret, even if they have been intercepted… Read More

The pensioners are revolting…

When a surprising syndicate of old-aged pensioners begin flooding the market with fake banknotes there’s only one twelve-year-old who can stop them—SAM TROWEL, MI6’s newest recruit. THE PLOTTING SHED – OUT TODAY Hilarious spy book for children aged 9 and above.     ALSO TODAY – FREE TO DOWNLOAD Lawrence Pinkley’s Casbook Vol 2 In… Read More

Codes – Confidentiality using Cryptology

A good spy has to be able to communicate with others without your opposition being able to understand what the message says. In The Plotting Shed Sam Trowel is a twelve-year-old SPY (Special Patrol Youth) who’s learning on the job, stumbling occasionally, experimenting with poorly executed disguises, and uncovering devious criminal schemes. Codes are normally… Read More

Superior Spying – Tools for the Job

To celebrate my forthcoming release of The Plotting Shed and the start of a new series, I thought it would be a great time to write a post about Spies. But no Spy would be complete without gadgets, so here’s some real-life gadgets that have actually been developed and used. No spy, whether in the… Read More