Whitby – Interesting Facts About a Small Town

Readers of my Lawrence Pinkley detective books will know that they are set in a small seaside town on the north east coast of England called Whitby. But what else is it famous for? Located in Northeast England, Whitby is one of the country’s most visited seacoast towns. It is also known as ‘The Halloween… Read More

Whitby – A Small Town with a Big History

For those of you who enjoy the comical antics of teenage detective Lawrence Pinkley, you will know that his crime-busting adventures are largely based around Whitby. Whitby is a small fishing town on the north east coast of England. Here’s some other interesting facts about it: Whitby is a maritime town and historical port located… Read More

Interview with Lawrence Pinkley

In preparation for the release of the first Lawrence Pinkley mystery, The Curious Disappearance of Professor Brown, within the next two weeks, I thought it would be nice to get Mr Pinkley to visit my blog. Here is an interesting and candid interview I conducted with him yesterday in a secret hotel room in London.… Read More