Goodreads Giveaway

Goodreads are currently hosting a giveaway for one lucky person to win a signed copy of The Curious Disappearance of Professor Brown. Catch up with the hilarious antics of teenage detective Lawrence Pinkley before his second full length adventure, The Mystery of Van Gogh’s Missing Heart is released! Ends 2 March. ENTER NOW!  

Hogwarts Express arrives at Harry Potter Film Studio, London

I’m giving you the chance to win tickets to the Harry Potter Film Studios in London. Read on for details of the prize, or enter now. Just before Christmas I took my family to the Harry Potter Film Studio in Leavesden, London. Even though this was our second trip to the studios we couldn’t wait to… Read More

Solve the case – win a prize! Part 2

Here is the second part in the short story featuring Lawrence Pinkley, the eighteen year old detective from the forthcoming book The Curious Disappearance of Professor Brown. If you missed the first part, please catch then read the solution on this page. The Vanishing Fish – A Lawrence Pinkley Mystery Part 2. ‘An interesting question. And… Read More